Matej Hrescak Profile


Since 2012, I am working as a product designer for a wonderful startup called Storylane, an application designed to let people easily share things that matter. We're a small company, and my responsibilities range from Branding and Product Design at the highest level down to implementing my design in the front-end.

Stories for you - the main feed

The central piece of Storylane is what we call 'Stories for you' - a feed where the user can discover stories and get to know people better. It's an algorithmic mix of social and preference factors, and we're displaying exactly why each story was chosen in the mix.

User profile on Storylane

One of the other important pieces of Storylane design is user's profile - the job was to provide the right amount of customization to provide a good sense of ownership to the person while keeping the profiles consistent.

Different story representations

Another interesting challenge was to accomodate all the different story types. because we are not limiting users in the medium of their choice, our job is to make sure the story itself lives to user's expectation of format based on their input.

You can check out Storylane live at